Hellfire Citadel Encounter Tips


I’ve written up some encounter-specific tips as a blog post first, but this will probably be merged into the Holy Paladin guide at some point as well.  At the time of writing this, our guild is working on Mythic Mannoroth so my knowledge of the Mythic version of the Archimonde encounter is somewhat limited by the fact that I haven’t actually done it.  I’ll probably update that section once we get to it, though at that point it will probably be part of the guide and updated there.

First off, this post includes tips for healing each boss in Hellfire Citdadel and not an encounter guide per se.  If you are unfamiliar with the fights themselves, I suggest visiting the Wowhead Hellfire Citadel Guides written by Dayani, or watching the Proper Bird video guides on YouTube for more general information about each encounter.

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Holy Paladin Guide for 6.2

I decided to write my own guide for Holy Paladins.  There are plenty of guides out there that are perfectly fine, but I wanted to make one that went more in-depth about the choices behind playing a Paladin instead of just telling you what to do. This might mean that it’s too wordy for a lot of readers, but I’m ok with that. I hope that those of you who do want to read more about Holy Paladins enjoy it.

Holy Paladin Guide for 6.2

Looking For Raid-ish

On Monday, Preach Gaming posted a new video in a series about major changes he hopes to see in Legion.  This video covered the topic of the highly controversial Looking For Raid (LFR) system.  I highly suggest watching the video beforehand, but I’ll cover most of the salient points here as well.

The first point that Preach makes is an analogy about how LFR is similar to Random Battlegrounds in that both are a facsimile for the real challenge, but we don’t cry about BGs because it’s been in the game since Vanilla.  I don’t think this analogy is really that great because anything that involves Player vs. Player interaction can be a challenge depending on the skill level of whoever you’re playing against, but I think the underlying point he’s trying to make is this: we’re fine with having aspects of the game be “casual” as long as they don’t infringe on our sense of meaningful or rewarding progression.  I wholeheartedly agree, BUT this leads to his next point: LFR does affect the way players acquire gear.

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