A Glimmer of Hope for Holy Paladins in BFA

I have to come clean to all of you; I’ve been playing my Mistweaver Monk this entire expansion. I had a strong suspicion that Holy Paladins were going to be weaker than usual coming into BFA, but the main reason for swapping is that Holy Paladins just don’t feel very fun right now. Luckily, there’s a fairly new build that capitalizes on the strength of the Glimmer of Light Azerite trait that was introduced in patch 8.1, so I wanted to showcase how to play it for those of you who might want a change of pace.

Before we get into the build itself, I want to give credit to other people because I did not come up with this in any way. The buzz began when a player by the name of Shockwater on Kil’Jaeden-US played a prototype of this build during the first week of Mythic Battle for Dazar’alor. The build was then tested and refined by a few players from the Hammer of Wrath discord server until Holypalaswe on Draenor-EU released a video using the build to it’s full potential, and it’s currently the number one healing parse on Mythic Jaina.

The Glimmer of Light Build


This build utilizes three Glimmer of Light Azerite traits with Crusader’s Might, Holy Avenger, Sanctified Wrath, and Divine Purpose as talents and as much haste as you can get. The core focus is to use as many Holy Shocks as possible to maximize the number of Glimmer of Light buffs on the raid.

Glimmer heals for 1587 at ilvl 400 and 1826 at ilvl 415 per trait. Multiplied by 3 and increased by the hidden 40% increase that all healers received in BFA, each Glimmer buff heals for between 6665 and 7669 as a base. It’s also affected by crit, mastery, and versatility, so you can expect to see numbers from 7k to 9k during most of the encounter and up to as much asĀ 30k during cooldowns! When Holy Avenger and Avenging Wrath are active, it’s possible to have up to 14 or 15 buffs of Glimmer on the raid. Even without the major cooldowns, you’ll still have roughly 5 or 6 buffs out at all times. Plus, each glimmer is transferred to your Beacon of Light (though at the reduced AoE rate).

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